Mercy Mission Australia has a team of dedicated team members which research, define, refine and incubate innovative community development projects. Our model has been simply to create tested blueprints for Muslim communities to implement in their localities to improve the circumstance of those around them or those in a high level of need. Since 2007 we have pioneered some ground-breaking projects helping thousands of vulnerable people.

2015-2018 is set to be a period of great reform and development for Mercy Mission, as we initiate a very aggressive growth program. We are modeling Mercy Mission as the primary platform for social entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life. The success we have had to date with maturing our own ideas will now be used as bank of experience to aid activists from the community to mobilise resources and turn their visions into reality.


Our expertise is in developing projects in two key sectors, and as such we will continue to invite great ideas in these areas, as we are confident these are the foundations of successful community empowerment.




Exploring a range of Islamic sciences, AlKauthar brings together the best teachers, with premium study facilities and excellent learning materials.

AlKauthar Institute currently teaches in four cities across the country, and provides a unique opportunity for its students to take sixteen hours courses in just two days.

Melbourne Madinah

The Madinah is more than a prayer space, it’s a genuine hub of community activity. Its where Non-Muslims come and find out about Islam, where Muslims pray, where those in need find financial support, where families come and share in community activities, where Australia’s largest Islamic conference the Twins of Faith is planned, where Little Explorers plans its future and where the good keeps coming.

Social Services

National Zakat Foundation

The National Zakat Foundation was officially launched in Ramadan 2013. Its focus to ensure that no Muslim in need is left abandoned and as such provides essential aid and support to the financially distressed.

New Muslim Care

New Muslim Care Melbourne is a revert services group aimed at providing resources to assist in Educating, Mentoring and Empowering new Muslims.

Little Explorers Australia

Mercy Mission Media is a Australia based television production company creating content for broadcasting across Australia, Europe and North Africa. The production house is proud to be the world HQ for Little ExplorersTM , which is now fully written and recorded in Australia and broadcasted internationally.

Twins of Faith Conference

The two Twins of Faith are knowledge and action. The concept of Twins of Faith has an underlying intent to get people active & to seek knowledge. Our goal is to educate and mobilize all people towards positive social activism. The combination of knowledge and action is what separates this ummah from the previous ones; we find mention in the Quran of those nations who had knowledge but did not act upon it and those that acted without knowledge.

Clothing 4 Dawah

An initiative to collect new and used unwanted clothing for the purposes of recycling to financially support Dawah and Education projects locally and also to provide suitable clothing to the local needy people.